Charlotte Stoiber



October 2019: Check out “Remember Me” - the newest film featuring Charlotte made by the production company Those Youngbloods:

October 2019: Opening night of “Auf der Greifswalder Straße” by famous playwright Roland Schimmelpfennig is October 4th at 8pm in Elvirastraße 17a, theater dasvinzenz in Munich. We run through October 20th! All the performance dates, information and ticketing is on the website:

July 2019: NEW HEADSHOTS! Photographer Saskia Pavek took some beautiful headshots of Charlotte. Check out the gallery to see them!

April 2019: Charlotte has started her training at Theater Werkmünchen. She is joining the class of “Das Stück” in this year’s season and currently enjoying classes and workshops in Chekhov technique, Meisner & directing by great teachers such as Mario Andersen and Eos Schopohl. In October 2019, she will be performing the play “Auf der Greifswalder Straße” with an incredible ensemble at the Theater Blaue Maus in Munich.

May 2019: Premiere of “Willkommen zu Hause” at the HFF Munich was a huge success! The series produced by Curry Fiasko Film and HFF Munich will be online at the end of the month.

November 2018: The shoot for a new Mini Webseries has begun! “Willkommen zu Hause” is a political correctness parody shot by Curry Fiasko Film and students of the HFF Munich and will be released in March 2019. Stay tuned!

January 2018: Reviews for “The Chekhov Dreams” are out:

DC Metro Theater Arts on The Chekhov Dreams, Off-Broadway

"... winningly captured by the terrific Charlotte Stoiber (her method-acting warm-up technique is another of the play’s comic highlights)..."


Theater Pizzazz on The Chekhov Dreams, Off-Broadway

"Charlotte Stoiber rounds out the cast with enthusiasm and feistiness as Chrissy, Jeremy’s Chekhov acting partner and redeemer."


Times Square Chronicles on The Chekhov Dreams, Off-Broadway

"Charlotte Stoiber is the perfect innocent whose dreams mirror and wake Jeremy from death."

March 2018: Coffee & Cellphones gets selected for the Beverly Hills Film Festival 2018!